Monday, April 14, 2014

Guitar Synthesizer or Digital Effects Processor?

what i got lately is the Roland GR 55 guitar synthesizer, the most popular guitar stuff on YouTube right now i guess. it has been almost 2 years i dreamed  about playing this guitar synthesizer, until now. It's like (one of) my dreams come true. i always imagine a wide range of guitar playing in  live performances, with this stuff, I'll manage somehow.

connected via Roland GK-3 synth guitar pickup, the GR 55 reaches the whole new vision in guitar playing. you can make synth layers without distracting the originality of your guitar characteristics. i made few user presets and it works well with my playing. last night was the first tryout for my Roland GR 55 combined with Boss GT 8 and i love the results.
Roland GR 55 Boss GT 8
Roland GR 55 combined with Boss GT 8

actually at some levels, i love how my Boss GT 8 sounds and there times when we all feel that the real electric guitar sounds should take control. but there are sometimes when the guitar sound is not needed, still you want to take parts in that music, so, the GR 55 is the smart choice. play all sound you need for your music, the GR 55 and GK 3 will take you there. for me, both Guitar Synthesizer and Digital Effects Processor are needed for my playing. try it, it's fun :D

here i share short video about it. i'm sure you'll get the idea about what I'm talking:
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

You Love Me and I Love U2

That's what I said when I was younger, when some (few) girls asked about love to me, or to the other guitar boys, i guess. Fewer girls loved to hear what i was saying, yes, but none of them wanted me to write down those words on love letters. if they did, they would have known that U2 is involved with everyone's music. you can love me already, but i love U2 first. (haha, what some wonderful moments at that time..)

U2, is the best two letters in music. The Edge is one of most inspirational guitar player on my list, and for me, Bono is still carrying the most soulful vocalist title until now. can't explain more than this since U2 are already damn famous. what a great band.

so, when i have to choose one from their songs, which is actually difficult i think since their songs are great, definitely I'll choose "stuck in the moment that you can't get out of". it's a long-titled song, but i think soon everyone will say it fluently.

why? it's a song for relieving mistakes and help us carrying our burden. i made video with my friend, playing this song, and there were a lot of missed tuning, lyrics  and it wasn't perfect cover, but STILL, it brought me the melodious remedy.. the best part of music is, when there's anyone playing it, it has positive effect to him/her and to the audiences, AND THIS SONG HAS IT.

here I'm not talking about the eclectic guitar sound by the Edge, or get deep in U2 profile. but this is a start for me in sharing my U2 love. right here, right now, I'm just trying to find a decent melody. a song that I can sing in my own company.. yes, U2 has it and share it worldwide.