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Old Guitar Pickups, is it worth the sound?

This question is bothering me sometimes. I'm sort of a retro-music style fan and likely I'd like to have a set of vintage guitar equipments which i can bring them on stage and meet these days' standard live performances. Reason i have for this is Legendary songs were built in old times with that times' technology. Old Amps and cabs, old guitars, old pickups.(while I know nowadays the old equipment is aged by time and some of their quality are decreased)

So I made a simulation with old and rusty stuff, and i only have an old guitar pickup, a 1x10" cabinet and a my tiny Xenyx 502 Behringer mixer for this purpose.

here's my old cabinet

And I installed the old pickup to my first guitar

now it's ready for shoot out. here's the video:

now, here's the thing. I use Boss GT 8's preamp modeler which i shouldn't in this shootout, but i made no equalizer setting for this, so i guess it's fair enough because i meant to play this with my own stage setting.for the pickup, i added a magnet bar below the pickup to increase the audio signal capturing.

the conclusion:
- about old pickup. It's the matter of technology. better pickup wiring and shielding, pole pieces positions determine the result. This old pickup has a huge microphonic feedback which is unacceptable on stages. still it has nice sound i guess. On the video I used both direct line in record to my Zoom Q3HD and using Zoom Q3HD built-in microphones. You might want to use old pickups for recording purposes to get some unique old audio signal then you can process it later on recording softwares.
 - about old n rusty cabinet. well this is interesting. The speaker speaks uniquely. It maybe rusty(it has holes on its cone) but that's what became the sound color. you can check on the video and listen the differences basically between direct recording and mic recording. noted that no matter what the amps are, the cabinet and speakers have big role in sound coloring for mic recording

well, you can consider this post is a junk and a worthless experiment, but i made it originally for the cure of my curiosity. see ya later :)

Frankenstrat Just Beat It

Such a great collaboration history made when the king of pop Michael Jackson meet Eddie van Halen in one stage and performed "Beat It". Yes, that song is legendary and Eddie van Halen was the guitarist who fill the guitar solo track for that song.and you know what? EVH and the frankenstrat guitar appeared on MJ concert. The frankenstrat has magic spells which brought guitar into new steps and inventions. Here's Kramer 5150 frankenstrat variant appeared on MJ's concert

eddie van halen and michael jackson
Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson perform "Beat It"
well, surely it brings back some memories. i just wanna say:

Happy birthday Michael Joseph Jackson 
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

and i destroyed my guitar pickups! - fail guitar pickups wax potting

well, this is embarrassing. i read some pickups modification and had decided to do pickups wax potting. actually it was my fault. i just didn't get the thermometer and my wax was overheat. here i share you the pics:

they are destroyed Fernandes pickups. the plastic shrunk and i totally fucked up this time. they are not in reversible shapes. but one thing that interested me.
Fernandes pickups destroyed after wax-potting, only G&L pickup were survived

from all those destroyed pickups, there is one survivor. i have a G&L pickup which is not affected by the heat.. it is in great shape and ready. it was the same process since I've put them together in the same time and duration.

from this DIY guitar stuff this is my worst ever. actually i kept the wax in moderate heat.. but the pickups plastic material just couldn't stand up against the heat. well, thanks to G&L pickup which stand by my side. it is tough enough to defend me against the shrunk pickups case.

it's a hard lesson for me. and all i can conclude are:
- depends on what kind of pickup plastic materials, wax potting could be freakin dangerous to your pickups.
- MAKE SURE THE HEAT IS APPROPRIATE. it's 65 degree Celsius or better below.  don't worry about pickup magnetism against the heat. i did this and check the magnet were totally fine. you need to pay attention more to pickups plastic material.
- be ready to buy new guitar pickups. if you're in low budget, postpone the wax potting until you get enough money to cover your loss.
- if you consider your pickups are antique, just let them be. or you can take the chance to be like me, who curious about any guitar stuff.

well, since I'm a curious guy, I'm gonna put those destroyed pickups into my guitar (my first guitar, which become my lovable experiment objects.

shoot, it was a big failure but i feel so HAPPY ... this is what I'm talking about in guitar learning process.